About Us

We are in Karachi and Lahore.

So it all started with our love for breads (obviously!) and how we always use to stick to the boring breads for breakfast. We would crave for crispy croissants or  that-awesome-sweet-smelled-bread to cover in butter (the band one, you know) but where to get it? Drive (or ride?) all that far for it? Nah.

Naturally we wanted to get things in our own hands and wanted to help the fraternity stop going through breakfasts and start enjoying them.

Tada! Bakecarry.

We have put in everything we know and everything we have to setup a small bakery in Karachi, a fresh-look online store and a small fleet of delivery riders so that we can bake with love and deliver with passion.

We are a small team of taste lovers and tech geeks who are originally from Karachi but have exposure of leading teams and companies beyond Pakistan. We may not know much about breads or bakeries, but we surely know how to get it right.

So whenever you think that your breakfasts have become mundane too, just give us a shout and we will come running to your doorstep with our freshly baked breads to save the day.